Kardyz of Daelis

Kardyz the Unifier, First High King of Pelenhar

Kardyz 1st, Kardyz the Unifier, First High King of Pelenhar

Born Kardyz Daelis, 3rd son of King of Daelis in 5-159-4-43. As a youth he was bookish, showing little ability in the arts of war, nor did he show any great aptitude in the religious studies which were expected to be his destiny. He entered into the Abby of Arimarn the Father in Cyingaris in 5-173. In 5-178, before he had taken his vows he returned to his family after the death of his brother Aeldric in a war with the goblins of the Dordigen Clan.

When his father died in the Battle of Inerves Falls in 5-180 he became the seneschal for his eldest brother Malico. It was during this time that Kardyz demonstrated that he had a natural gift both as tactical commander and as a politician. Under his guidance Daelis grew in both stature and power. Unfortunately with these successes came envy and in the Summer of 5-186 Kardysz was attacked by an alliance of Corrimart, Vallimar and Hildorian. The war lasted 2 years and in the Autumn of 5-188 Kardyz defeated the Alliance in the Battle of Raebenvard.

What should have been his greatest moment of triumph turned into the greatest tragedy of his life. While Kardyz was routing the armies of the alliance. Assassins murdered Earl Malico, his wife and their three children. This is the event that the historian ksdfhkjhk defined as the crucuble that put iron in Kardyz’s soul.

Kardysz was no sooner confirmed as King as he turned his eye to razing Corrimart, Vallimar and Hildorian. Although no one (with the possible exception of Kardyz,) knew it at the time, this was the open act of the war of unification. It took him 18 years of war and politics but 5-204 he united all of Pelenhar under his leadership and was named Kardyz the Unifier, First High King of Pelenhar.

He ruled for another 23 years, dying 2-26-227 at the age of 68

Kardyz of Daelis

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