Deep in the shadowed alleys of Ravenscroft the darkness moves and unseeing eyes watch, waiting to again tread these ancient paths and cry to the night and unleash the horror of the endless night.

…..Welcome to the the Raven’s Shadow, an online Pathfinder horror campaign. Please take a look around and see if we can tempt you to pass into the shadows at the risk of your life and more so, your very sanity. Check out the Wiki to learn a little of the city of Ravenscroft, it’s people and it’s history. Under the section listed as Rules of the House of Pelinhar you will find a listing of the house rules. There’s a number, many designed to increase the horror aspect of this campaign.
…..Why an online campaign? It’s because some members of my table top game aren’t really interested in horror and for a campaign like this to work it requires that every embraces the genre and it’s conventions. Also the literary component of an online campaign will also encourage the players as well as the GM to maintain the ambiance of horror and dread.
…..I’ve made this campaign visible to all lurkers in hope that they will be able to enjoy the tales we are telling. If you’re not part of our campaign and you are enjoying it, contact the GM and let him know, he’ll pass along you comments. As things progress there is the distinct possibility the parties make up will change so if you might want to join us, again, let me know.
…..If you’ve stumbled upon this before I’m ready to have it up and going, I’ll be recruiting on the Pathfinder Online recruiting page and if you let me know, I’ll make sure you are notified when that happens.

Pelinhar: The Raven's Shadow