Experts at charm and deceit, mesmerists compel others to heed their words and bend to their will. Psychic powers, primarily those of enchantment and illusion, give mesmerists the tools they need to manipulate others—usually for their own personal gain. The very gaze of a mesmerist can hypnotize someone into following his whims. Mesmerists frequently form cults of personality around themselves, and they develop skills and contingency plans in case their ploys are discovered.

They draw their magic from the The Elemental Plane of Thought, and many consider their minds to be conduits to enigmatic spaces others can’t comprehend.

Mesmerists wield power over lesser minds, suppressing foes’ wills to weaken them. Priding themselves on their trickery and inventiveness, they also support their allies—and often themselves—with magical tricks, most of which offer protection. Their limited healing ability primarily provides temporary hit points, so mesmerists aren’t the strongest primary healers, but they can easily remove conditions that typically affect the mind.

Modification to Abilities:
Available Archetypes:
None to date

Notes: Like almost al spontaneous casters, mesmerist are considered sorcerers. The fact that they meddle with peoples minds make them even less popular.


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