Description:The rarest of those called by the Gods, the paladin are sworn to the services of the Gods of their pantheon. These select, worthy few are blessed with the power of the divine. In days of old, they were usually knights or crusaders but in this more modern age, they have become so rare that their orders have all been lost in the mist of times, becoming legends and myths. Paladins are called by the gods to wage an endless war against the evils that assail the the innocent souls of the faithful. No longer can they seek out their foes encased in a suit of plate with at holy avenger at hand as they face monstrous foes in open battle. Such foes have given way to more insidious foes who bring the same malicious intent with a cunning and deceipt.

Granted different blessing from each of the Gods in their Pantheon, a paladin can ferret out the cancerous rot spreading it’s evil influence and send it back to the darkening void with a wide variety of abilities, be it by force of arms, healing disease and corruption or serving as a leader of the masses.

When paladins are recognized they often become the center of cults of the faithful who look to them for leadership. At the same time their enemies will seek to corrupt kill or neutralize them. Many Paladins try to work quietly, keeping their calling hidden from public knowledge so that they can be more effective.

Modification to Abilities:
Paladins may spend a channel to create a zone of truth (CL=Paladin level< Wis based)
Available Archetypes:


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