Ravenscroft; Year 216 in 3rd Cycle of the Age of Songs. (AoSg-3-216)

The Ravens’s Shadow is a campaign that takes place in a far more civilized and technilogically advanced world then most pathfinder games. Most monsters were defeated or driven into the shadows ages ago. Magic has taken a back seat to technology and the world embraces a golden age. The tech level is the equivalent of the late 17th, early 18th century of our world. Firearms are common, armor is rare. Alchemical solutions abound, some reliably some still as experiments.

The Raven’s Shadow is an urban campaign, primarily taking place in the City of Ravenscroft so it is important for players to read this section to get a firm grasp of the world their characters live in.

Ravenscroft is a city divided into a number of districts or wards. Each ward is governed by a Warden who is it’s chief administrator. The City guard in that district report to the Chief Magistrate who is responsible for law enforcement and is supported by the Bailiff.


  1. The Twist

Ravenscroft; Year 216 in 3rd Cycle of the Age of Songs. (AoSg-3-216)

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