The Twist

Marriet, I’ve have the honor to report that I have been given command of the guard units that command the Raven’s Hollow or as the district is more commonly known, the twist. Many might see this as the worst possible fate that could befall a young officer but to my thinking, it is just the opportunity that I need if I am to achieve my ambition and secure our future..

The Twist is a corrupt warren of hovels, decay and corruption. It is reeking of too much humanity, too much poverty and and crime. Almost any effort I make will garner immediate, obvious rewards. I will be able to effect a reputation for fighting corruption, reducing crime and as a champion of social changes. In short there are diamonds to be found in this midden pile.

That said there will be a great deal of work be done. I need to determine how corrupt the Warden and the bailiff are and how competent. Warden Myricon has been here for years and is an institution. Bailiff Skillar has had almost the same tenure. In that time no significant effort to straighten out the twist has been made.

I’ve asked Sgt.Voctez to prepare me a map of the area so I can plan patrols and prepare response. He seemed surprised by the request and for a brief moment looked at me as if I were mad. Even so he appears to be a good man and I have every confidence in his abilities.

The Twist

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