The Arcana (Magic)

So you think you can become a willworker? Just because you you showed a spark of power, you imagine yourself as the High Magus Arcana? Do you see yourself as weilding unimaginable power, bending the eight elements at your will, reshaping the world at your whim?

Good luck.

Some of you will discover that your despite the taste of power you have already experienced, you will never be more than a hedge mage, most of you will never rise above the first circle, almost none of you will reach the exalted heights of the third circle of power.

First you will have to have the potential to develop the those extraordinary powers. Then you will have to study hard, learning strange and arcane philosophies. You will have to learn to bind the eight elements, even those you lack a natural affinity for. You also need to master the Eight Signs of Power, learn to speak the Eight Words of Binding, and to shape the world by your use of the Eight Secret Signs of Making.

You will have to survive all this and that will require as much luck as it does a keen intellect. This is no minor feat, believe me.

Even so, let me congratulate you on having been accepted in what is the greatest university in Pelenhar. Your having been invited is a sign that you are exceptional. Less than one in a thousand has even the smallest spark of power, less then one and a hundred of those with power have enough to be invited to join the university. Unlike most of the other programs, no degree of wealth or familial power could bring you here. No matter how far your studies take you, you can be proud for having gotten this far. We will open the doors to greatness and the only limits on how far you can go, how high you can rise is your native talent and your dedication to your studies.

You are the masters of you destiny, be brave, be bold and step forward into worlds undreamed.

University of Badenshire, arcane studies welcoming statement.

Curriculum for Studies

Wizardry vs Sorcery, The two paths of arcane power.
Elemental Magic, the foundations of magic

The Arcana (Magic)

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