The Fey

The Fey

The Fey are descendants of those of the Sidhe who have been in Arda so long that they are no longer natives of Annwyn. They often have traits and traditions that closely link them to the Sidhe and the Twilight Lands.

A) The major Fey Peoples

(1) The Sindarin (Elves)
(2) The Khazdain (Dwarves)
(3) The Kilispher (Halflings)
(4) The Umarin (Animal spirits)
(5) The Syrivan (Satyrs)
(6) The Equara (Centaurs)
(7) The Corbae
(8) The Lan (Wee folk)

B) The Lesser Fey Peoples

C) The Giants

D) The Fey beast

E) The Goblin Kin

The Fey

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