The History of Pelenhar

Pelenhar was called the Jewel of Arada for no other continent was so blessed. It’s fertile plains provided a bounty of riches that never seemed to know blight or drought. It’s deep forest were a treasure trove that provided a never ending variety of exotic woods as well as fey and magical creatures. It’s mountains though high were gentile and generous with veins of iron, copper, silver gold as well as a full range of gems.

Of course any place so blessed was often the prize for competing forces. Kings, merchants, miners, hunters and adventurers all sought to wrap their hands around the limitless treasures of Pelenhar.

These wars continued until Kardyz of Daelis brought peace to the land through a combination of political wisdom, military might and personal courage. In 5-204 he was named Kardyz the Unifier, First High King of Pelenhar. His reign lasted for almost 23 years and his son reigned for 48 years, solidifying the House of Daelis as the High Kings of Pelenhar.

The Daelisian Monarchy’s reign was a reflection of the great Monarchies that are so fondly remembered from the Age of the Sword. King Aligon the Wise was called the New Gallias. In reference to King Sendrolik, Thebrio wrote “…never has so great a monarch be so ably served, nor has there ever been so blessed a king that his very person inspired so many to greatness. If being beloved by his people is the coin of a monarchies success, then Sendrolik was the greatest King EVER!

Unfortunately all good things come to end. In 5-458 Prince Eliban II attempted to seize the throne from is ailing sister Queen Azala. He failed only because despite his worst efforts, he was not able to corrupt the Order of the Azure Star. After his defeat and capture, Azala made the mistake of exiling her beloved brother rather then having him executed. He escaped his guards and disappeared only to return to Pelenhar in 5-493 as Osgrig the Black, the Necromancer Lord of Avend Dror. No one knows where or how her achieved mastery over these black arts but leading a combined force of undead and goblins of the Urzykrial tribe, nearly toppled the King. Again the Knights of the Azure Star as well as the Legion of Iron defeated Eliban.

His nephew, King Kornig the Red held none of his mothers compassion and in 5-497 Osgrig the Black was executed and his ashes spread to the eight winds. As the kingdom recovered from the war, it became clear that the damage Eliban had caused ran deeper than the loss of life and the destruction of buildings. A taint of shadow remained, dimming the years that followed despite their success and prosperity.

During the Black Winds of 5-511 Eliban returned, greatly changed and calling himself Osgrig the Grey, an undead Necromatic Master, risen again to destroy in death what he could not before. As great as his threat was, in 5-512 Sir Kendrin of the Iron Legion and the 3 champions of Hazifor slew him in his own hall. His final words were “Finally the Azure Star and the Iron Legion serve me. The Daelisian throne is no more.”

At the moment of his death as the fifth age turned to the 6th The Wraith Kings we born and the Night of Broken Shadows began. Osgrig had planed on his demise and used his destruction to trigger his revenge. Across Pelenham all the dead rose for his agents had secretly desanctified all of the grave yards, the Karith Thanor descended from their mountain stronglholds. Death Cultist, dedicated to dark and forgotten Gods spread murder and terror throughout the kingdom as assassins. Dread and mighty beast rose out of the great forests and brought ruin to all in their wake.

Most baneful of all, the Wraith Kings were born and in their wake the Shadow kin, the Karith Thanor and the Followers of Izrakhar the Bloody. In a single night they Slaughtered the entire population of the Royal Hall of Ivendor. In the Battles that followed Kordin, Galinthora, Ascaril and Badenshire all fell. Badenshire would later be reclaimed by the armies of Rathadra Twin Axe and Lilarin Silvermantle. Finally the Wraith Lords were driven back to Ivendor .

In the Battle of the Two Suns both the armies of the Wraith Kings and the remaining armies of Pelenhar were shattered. King Galador III was slain, ending the Line of Kardyz of Daelis. Izrakhar the Bloody was killed by Athenaril Mistwalker, one of the Wraith Lords, when he tried to take his forces into the ruins of Ivendor. The Karith Thanor fell upon the remaining Knights of the Azure Star and slaughtered them to a man but at such a price that they could never again raise their Three Horned Banner again.

In the face of the combined armies of Bandenshide and the Khazador, the Karith Thanor fled Galinthora, putting it to the torch in their passing. It is said that the Silvered Palace of Isilanthillia burned like a star for a week.

Finally Lilarin Silvermantle gave his life to defend Ratharda Twin Axe who had fallen battling the Wraith Lords themselves. Lilarin overcame Hisdria the Black and Myrincandor Blacksong but in the end of overcome by Urindar the Unmaker.

Peace returned to Pelenhar but it was the peace of the broken. No force remained strong enough to claim more than the territory where it stood. The Wraith Lords remained in Ivendor, biding their time. The armies of man and the fey retreated to their remaining strongholds. The Karith Thanor split apart and fought amongst themselves over the looting of Kordin and three other Khazdain strongholds.

Within a year Parindil was abandoned and Kirinsport fell to it’s own internal disorder and decay. Across the land stories of horror and dismay spread. It was predicted that the Wraith Kings would reconstitute their armies and finish their conquest.

In the Early Spring of 6-002 Prince Marcha of Ilinsluria landed amongst the ruins of Parindil with an Army, declaring himself willing to hold against “the very shadow of the Darken Void.” Brave words from a brave man. He was murdered within two years but his Armies held, renaming Parindil, Marchadril.

The one bright bit of news was reports of a battle on the Ithridin Plains between the forces of Urindar the Unmakerand Kadrish the Hammer. The unity of the Wraith Kings was falling apart.

The History of Pelenhar

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